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Návody > Who Wants to be a Millionaire?: 2nd Edition

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Toto je anglická hra na známou televizní soutěž "Kdo chce být milionářem?". Ve hře máte tři nápovědy a to 50/50,přítele po telefonu a publikum. Jsou tu tři záchytné body, je to pořád dokola,takže to moc vysvětlovat nemusím. Vše je v angličtině, jelikož hra není v českéverzi. Je tu pro vás rejstřík otázek a odpovědí.

Tohle by měli být, skoro všechny otázky, které sev tomto pokračování vyskytují. Určitě tu bude nějaká scházet, je jich strašněmoc, jenom v tomto návodu je jich kolem třista osmdesáti. Snad vám to pomůže ažk hlavní výhře.

According to the American Kennel Club, what isthe most popular breed of dog in the U.S. as of 1999?Laborador retriever
What is the largest animal ever to live onEarth?Blue whale
Which of these is a fish?Sea Horse
Which of these animals lays eggs?Frog
Which of these animals shares its name with aluxury car?Jaguar
According to a folklore, the „jackalope“ is anantlered version of what animal?Rabbit
How many eyes does a giraffe have?Two
What animal represents the year 2000 on theChinese Calendar?Deagon
Which of these is not a breed of cat?Bichon Frise
Elephant tusks are made of what material?Ivory
Which of these Australian birds is most closelyrelated to the ostrich?Emu
What animal is considered sacred in India?Cow
What is the national animals of Austrilia?Kangaroo
Which of these is not a type of primate?Marmot
What term is used to describe a group of fish?School
Mohair is used from the fleece of what animal?Goat
What is the technical term for someone whostudy fish?Ichthyologist
What kind of animal is cartoon characterTennese Tuxedo?Penguin
What kind of animal is a peregrine?Bird
What term is used to decribe a group of geese?Gaggle
What do you call a young cow?Calf
What does an animal produce when it lactates?Milk
Which of these is not a position on an Americanfootball team?Striker
In soccer, which player is allowed to use hisor her hands in the field of play?Goalkeeper
Which of these men has never been a head coachin NHL?Pat Riley
What professional sports team plays its homegames in the Alamodome?San Antonio Spurs
Who is the shortest man to ever win an NBA slamdunk competition?Anthony „Spud“ Webb
What sport is know as „The Sport of Kings“?Horse Racing
Who was the WNBA‘s Most Valuable Player of1999?Yolanda Griffith
How many periods are these in an ice hockeygame?Three
In ice hockey, which of the following is not apenalty?Carving
What do you call three consecutive strikes inbowling?Turkey
What sport is featured in the 1996 movie„Kingpin“?Bowling
In horse racing, what is the term for a wageron the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishers in aspecific race?Trifecta
In 1978, who became the youngest jockey ever towin horse racing‘s triple crown?Steve Cauthen
In American football, how many points is atouchdown worth?Six
What football player was known as „GallopingGhost“?R. Grange
What sporting event is held anually on MemorialDay weekend?Indianapolis 500
Which of the following is a sports award?Espy
Who is the career hit leader among playersnever elected to Baseball‘s Hall of Fame?Pete Rose
In baseball, how many ball make a walk?Four
Each year in pro baseball, the player voted asthe best fielder at his position wins what?The Gold Glove
Which of these is another name for a golfcourse?Links
In golf, what is one stroke over par called?Bogey
In what sport do athletes complete for theWalker Cup?Golf
Backgammom is a how many-player game?Two
Which of these games are not play with a card?Craps
Which of these college football programs hasproduced the most Heisman Trophy winners?Notre Dame
In what country did Magic Johnson playprofessional basketball during the 1999 Season?Sweden
Where is fireworks first known to have beendevelop?China
According to legend, in what country are youmost likely to meet a leprechaun?Ireland
People are supposed to drive on the left-handside of the road in which country?England
In what country are police officers reffered toas „boobies“?England
Which of these countries is not in Europe?Israel
In what country did Pokemon originate?Japan
What country was once ruled by shoguns?Japan
In what city would you find people studying artand design at the Fashion Institute of Technology?New York
What is the largest city in Pennsylvaina?Philadelphia
Which of these is not a city in state of NewYorkPerskippity
What is the correct spelling of New Mexico‘slargest city?Albuquerque
What French city is home to a famousinternational film festival each spring?Cannes
On what continent can you find tigers in thewild?Asia
The disco band ABBA comes from what country ?Sweden
Which of these is not one of the officiallanguages of the United Nations?Japenese
What is the nickname of Florida‘s controversialdeath row electric chair?Old Sparky
What country is famous for making wooden shoes? The Netherlands
Which of these rivers flows through France?Seine
Where is the Louvre museum?Paris
Which of the following is not in Nevada?Pikes Peak
Which of these countries does not participatein NAFTA?Guatemala
What city‘s airport uses the code ORD?Chicago
What is the capital of North Dakota?Bismarck
What country gave us the fashionable headgearcalled the beret?France
Which of these countries was not a member ofthe Axix alliance during World War II?Spain
What is the national language of theNetherlands?Dutch
Which of these word means „Yes“ in French?Oui
From what language does the term „R.S.V.P.“originate?French
What country does Bordeaux wine come from?France
What is called a „lorry“ in Britain?A truck
The sport of judo comes from what Asiancountry?Japan
In 1960, Nazi Official Adolph Eichmann wasfinally captured in what country?Argentina
What city si know as „The rubber capital of theworld“?Akron, Ohio
The first commercial radio station ws locatedin what city?Pittsburgh
Where was the chicken first domesticated?India
What is the oldest permanent Europeansettlement in the United States?St. Augustine, Florida
What ws the first American college to become coeducational? Oberlin College
What people ruled the Andes Moutains until theywere conquered by the Spanish in 1532?Inca
What native empire controlled large areas ofSouth African territory during the 19th century?Zulu
Which city‘s residents are known as„Knickerbickers“?New York City
Which American colony known for its religioustolerance, did Roger William found in 1936?Rhode Island
The dance known as the „fandango“ is of whatorigin?Spanish
What nationality was Karl Marx?German
In British currency, how may pence make apound?100
After Prince Charles, who is the next in lineto be the King of England?Prince William
Who was the English King at the time of theAmerican Revolution?George III
What is considered the proper way to address aduke?„Your Grace“
Which of these places is known for artauctions?Sothely‘s
Which of these is not one of the three branchesof the U.S. government?Parliamentary
Which of these is a government agencyestablished to protect investors?SEC
Which of the following must be obtained byforeigner wishing to permanently live in United States of Amrecia (USA)?Visa
Which of these organizations is not part of theU.S. government?NAACP
How is 4:00 p.m. expressed in military time?1600
How many states in the Contederate States ofAmerica?11
Who was the first Lady ti run for politicaloffice?Hillary Clinton
Which one of these world leaders wasassassinated?Indira Gandhi
What is the name of the South African politicalparty was headed by Nelson Mandela?African National Congress
What was the birth name of civil rights leaderMalcolm X?Malcolm Little
Which one of these World War II leaders was notat the Yalta Conference?Mussolini
Which of these names has never belonged to aPope?Lawrence
Who led the 1831 slave insurrection inSouthampton, Virignia?Nat Turner
How many years is an official term of the USSenate?6
When FDR carried 42 states in the presidentialelection of 1932, how many states did he not carry?Six
Which of these Democrats lost to Ronald Reganin the 1984 presidential Election?Walter Modale
In what year did the Great Depression begin?1929
Who was the first U.S. president to resign fromthat office?Richard Mixon
What was Richard Nixon‘s middle name?Milhous
Who was the President of the United States whenBill Clinton was born?Harry S. Truman
During which war did U.S. troops fight theBattle of New Orleans?War of 1812
Which of these is not a Hindu diety?Sanskrit
What does the Yiddish word „meshuga“ mean?Crazy
Into what body of water does the Rhode riverflow?Mediterranean Sea
Modern computer microships are primaly composedof what element?Silicon
In computer terminology, what does the acronym„ISP“ stand for?Internet Service Provider
The apple iMac computer is available in all ofthe following colors except which?Kiwi
What was the original name of the AppleMacintosh XL computer?Lisa 2
What internet company goes by the acronym AOL?America Online
Which of these is not a „lock“ function onstandart desktop computer keyboard?Print lock
In computer terminology, what does the acronym„FTP“ stand for?File Transfer Protocol
What does „ROM“ in CDROM stand for?Read Only Nemory
What are plactic boxes that hold compact discscalled?Jewel cases
Ada Lovelace is credited with being the firstperson to have made what?A computer program
On a set of jumpes cables, what colordesignates the negative calling?Directory assistance
When it first appeared on the internet, sold only what?Books
What letters are on the „3“ button of atouch-tone telephone?DEF
An airplane‘s black box is usually what color?Orange
What automobile company makes the Sonata?Hyundai
What car company manufactured and sold the„Datsun“ lines of automobiles?Nissan
What is the name of Mario‘s brother in the„Super Mario“ video games?Luigi
Which of these companies is not an online stockbrokerage?EDigital
What color is a ruby?Red
In the children‘s game, what color is „Rover“?Red
Which of these is a shade of purple?Periwinkle
What color is Pepto-Bismol liquid?Pink
What article of clothing best describe a„pashmina“?Scarf
What is the last book in the New Testament?Revelation
Which of these is not a fabric?Gelotex
What is your hallux?Big toe
For what purpose would you use an awl?To make holes
With what would you use a wah-wah pedal?Electric quitar
How many ships did Columbus set sail with on hisinitial voyage to the New World?Three
Which of these months has 31 days?March
If a business „files under Chapter 11“ what isit doing?Declaring bankruptcy
What is the colored part of the eye called?Iris
What kind of worker uses a „paddy wagon“?Police officer
Which of these words are spelled correctly?Hygiene
A pita is a type of what?Flat bread
What term describes someone who does notbelieve in the existence of God?Atheist
What force causes an ice cream core to fly offof a spining merry-go-round?Centrifugal
What kind of angle is formed where towperpendicular lines meet?Right
What is the proper nautical use of an anchor?To hold a ship in place
To create a tapestry, one must traditionallyengage in what activity?Weaving
How many stars are on the American flag?50
What colors are the two circles in theMasteCard logo?Red and yellow
According to the proverb, necessity is themother of what?Invention
Hod do you express 3/4 as a decimal?.75
Where would you typically fing a bailiff?Courtroom
What is your astrological sign if you were bornon Halloween?Scorpio
What is the birthstone for the month ofJanuary?Garnet
On what body part should you wear a babushka?Head
Which of these word is and adverb?Quickly
If you are „riding fakie“ inside a „half pipe“,what are you probably doing?Snowboarding
What are the dimensions of a „letter size“piece of paper?8 1/2 x 11 inches
Which of these toys answer question?Magic 8 ball
What kind of item is a ginsu?Knife
Which of these painting tools has bristles onit?Brush
Which of these is a type of artwork consistingof pieces of wood inlaid in geometric patterns?Parquetry
By what collective name do Christians refer toGod the Father, God the Son and the Holy Ghost?The Trinity
If Christmas Day falls on a Saturday, then thefollowung New Year‘s Day falls on what day of the week?Saturday
According to legend, if you give someone the„evil eye“ what are you doing?Cursing them
Which si these si not a style of shoe?Gingham
In what war did Joan of Arc fight?Hundred Years‘ War
Which of these referred to as a „pigskin“?Football
Who or what was Big Bertha?A World War I gun
A portrait that comically exaggerates a person‘sphysical tratis is called a what?Caricature
To ward off bad luck, what do many people do towood?Knock on it
What is the final word of the Pledge ofAllegiance?All
Who is the patron saint of animal?St. Francis of Assisi
What is another way of writing „six feet“?6‘
What is the art of elegant handwriting called?Calligraphy
What tern describes a tribe that has no sethomeland and wanders from place to place?Nomadic
What Native American tribe did chief CrazyHorse leads?Sioux
Huffy, Schwinn and Raleigh are all brands ofwhat?Biciycles
According to a Yale university study, whatsmell is the most recognizable to American adult?Cofee
Which of these is a slang term for „police“Fuzz
Which of these is a commonly-known investmentaccount?IRA
How long is Hanukkah?Eight days
Which of these words is a synonym for„perambulate“?Stroll
When daylight-saving time arrives in thespring, how do most Americans turn their clocks?One hour forward
Who originally proposed the idea ofdaylight-saving time?Benjamim Franklin
What linqueur is used to make a Pink Ladycocktail pink?Grenadine
In mobster lingo, if you „sing like a canary“,what are you doing?Talking to the cop
Which from of knitting requires at least 2needles?Hand Knitting
What color is Uncle Sam‘s goatree?White
What day of the week is sometimes called „bumpday“?Wednesday
What is the name of the Swedish company thatspecializes in affordable furniture?IKEA
Including the bottom how many side does thepyramid has?Five
How is the word „ambulance“ normally written onthe front of American ambulances?In reverse
Which of these people was buried in the Valleyof the Kings?King Tut
How many $100 bills does it také to equal onemillion dollars?Ten thousand
If you have one of each denomination ofcurrently circulated American coins, how much money do you have?$1.91
If you have a „saw buck“, how much money do youhave?$10
In your work as a „dolly grip“, what businessare you in?Film production
What is the approximate speed of light?186,000 miles per second
What foes it mean to work „pro bono“?Work without pay
Which of these is not a type of rock?Deciduous
An earthwuake measuring 6.0 on the Richter Scaleis how many times more powerful than measuring 3.0?1000 times
Which of these items is useful for removing inkstains?Hair spray
How is the Arabic numeral for „2“ written?2
How many digit are in a standart visa creditcart number?16
A flashing red traffic light signifies that adriver should do what?Stop
What was the name of the first nuclear-poweredsubmarine?Nautilus
What does a pHlevel measure?Acidity
What term describe a word created byrearranging the letters of another word?Anagram
The phrase „hospital corners“ refers to what?Bed sheets
Paper will burn at approximately at whattemperature in Fahrenheit?451 degrees
Which of these would you most commonly fing ina sconce?Candle
The „Arkansas toothpick“ is better known bywhat name?Bowie knife
According to the popular saying, what shouldyou do „when in Rome“?As the Romans do
In a game with no wild cards, what is thehighest, possible poher hand?Royal flush
In the card game blackjack, how much are kingand queen worth?20
A student who earns a J.D can begin his or hercarrer as a what?Lawyer
For a man and a woman on a date, „dutch treat“means what?Each play their own way
Cheese is a necessary ongredient in which ofthese dishes?Veal parmigiano
Someone would most likely contract salmonellapoisoning from eating which of the following?Chicken
What type of meat is on a traditional Reubensandwich?Corned beef
Which of these candy bars was named for abaseball player?Reggie Bar
Which of these food is poisonous to dogs?Chocolate
Which of these foods could you catch at sea?Scallop
Which of these is not found in a Snickers candybar?Almonds
If you ask for „gai“ at a Thai restaurant, whatwill you get?Chicken
In cooking, the term „au gratin“ is sometimesused to describe a dish with what topping?Cheese
Cheddar cheese got its name from a village inwhat country?England
Which of the following candies is traditionallyfruit-flavored?Skittles
Which of these foods is not traditionallyconsidered kosher?Shellfish
Which of these is not a legumes?Radishes
What is the name of the fruit that is halftangerine and half grapefruit?Tangelo
Which of the following breakfast cereals isshaped like the letter 0?Cheerios
Which of these is typically not used as aspice?Hemlock
What Company makes Oreo cookies?Nabisco
Which of these refers to an alcoholic drinklaced with a knockout drug?Mickey Finn
In America, what is the main ingredient inpepperoni?Meat
What is an alternative name for the food dish„Beijing duck“?Peking duck
What is the 7-Eleven company‘s trademarked namefor its super-large sodas?Big Gulp
Which of the following beverages is brewed fromthe leaves of a plant?Tea
What tea is known for its distinctive bergamotflavor?Earl Grey
According to a legend, how many herbs andspices are in Colonel Sander‘s Original Recipe Kentucky Fried Chicken?11
Which of these is a member of the cucumberfamily?Watermelon
Which of the following is a natural sugar foundsi most fruits?Fructose
What important food crop is grown in fieldscalled paddies?Rice
What‘s the popular name of the breakfast meatconsisting of sausages wrapped in pancakes?Pigs in a blanket
The British dish „bangers and mash“ is made upof sausage and what?Potatoes
In what restaurant can you order a Grand Slambreakfast?Denny‘s
What is the name of the StarKist tuna mascot?Charlie
Which fast food chain used the advertisingslogan, „Where‘s the beef“?Wendy‘s
Which of these dishes is made from pigintestines?Chitins
The term „chili noc carne“refers to chili withwhat?Meat
Which of these is not a spice?Cucumber
If you are truly afraid of the dark, what doyou suffer from?Nyctophobia
What chemical do people frequently use tobleach hair?Hydrogen Peroxide
Who was the first American in space?Alan Shepard
Which is this measurement is equak to an squarefoot?144 sq. In
What mathematical term is used to describe theaverage of a series of numbers?Mean
Which of the following sounds is commonlyassociated with owls?Hoot
According to psychologist George Miller, abouthow many chunks of information can be stored in short-termed memory?7
A second-year college student is usually calleda what?Sophomore
What does the acronym „REM“ stand for?Rapid Eye Movement
Gerry Adam is the president of whatorganization?Sinn Fein
Who were the Chicago Seven?War protesters
What disease does a carcinogen cause?Cancer
What disease is characterized by a body‘sinability to properly metabolize glucose?Diabetes
What biological process replicates the DNA?Mitosis
In an adult human, how long is the largeintestine?Five feet
What part of the human body does a gastroenterologistexamine?Stomach
The majority of calcium in the human body iffound where?Bones
How many ribs are there in the human body?24
Which of these orgar comes in a pair?Kidney
The common term for someone who has difficultyseeing objects in the distance is what?Nearsighted
What term describes the passing of genetictraits from one generation to the next?Heredity
What disease is sometimes referred to as the„royal disease“?Hemophilia
If someone has cataracts, what part of theirbody might need an operation?Eye
Which of these is commonly used ti treatallergies?Antihistamines
What is the more common name for the disease„parties“?Whooping cough
The process of drilling holes in the skull iscalled what?Trepanation
Which of the following is most commonly kept ina terrarium?Plants
Who was Charlie McCarthy?A wooden dummy
From whom does the Lutheran Church get itsname?Martin Luther
The American Patriot Pual Revere was named forhis father, who original name was what?Apollos Rivoire
What‘s the third letter of the Greek alphabet?Gamma
What‘s the last letter of the Greek alphabet?Omega
Who was the Nother if the Greek god Zeus?Rhea
What Greek poet wrote „The Iliad“ and „TheOdyssey“?Homer
If you are watching a Shavian Play, who si theauthor?George Bernard Shaw
Who wrote „A Tale of Two Cities“?Charles Dickens
What literary work is the source of the quote„Abandon every hope, all you who enter here“?The Divine Comedy
What was the litle of Beethoven‘s only completeopera?Fidelio
Who composed the „Moohnight Sonata“?Beethoven
In Arthurian legend, who is married byGuineivere?King Arthur
In the television network abbreviation „ABC“what does the „A“ stand for?American
Which of these television series was not set inthe United States?„M‘A‘S‘H“
What animated character has a crush on theLittle Red-Haired Girl?Charlie Brown
What cartoon character travelled in a timemachine?Sherman
Which of these is not one of superhero CaptainMarvel‘s abilities?The power of Apollos
What are the names of Donald Duck‘s threenephews?Huey, Dewey, Louie
In the movie „Star Wars“ what kind of creatureis Chewbacca?Wookiee
Who kolls Tony at the end of the film „West SideStory“?Chino
Whom did Billie Jean King defeat in the famous„Battle of the Sexes“ tennis mathc?Bobby Riggs
Which of these performers made her film debutin Spike Lee‘s „Do the Right Thing“?Rosie Perez
Which of these movie does not star Jim Carrey?Patch Adams
Which Rocky film features Mr. T?Rocky III
What substance was used for blood in the famousshower scene from the movie „Psycho“?Chocolate syrup
The TV show „House of Style“ airs on whatnetwork?MTV
On the TV show „Hill Street Blues“, What JoyceDavenport‘s nickname for Captain Frank Furillo?Pizza Man
On the tv show „ChiPs“ what was Officer FrankPoncherello‘s nickname?Ponch
What are fans of the TV show „Mystery ScienceTheater 3000“ known as?MiSTies
In the original „Get Smart“ TV series, what isagent Maxwell‘s code name?Agent 86
Who is the star of the TV show „Everybody lovesRaymond“?Ray Romano
According to the title of a popular children‘sTV show, what color is Bear‘s big house?Blue
What pro wrestler grapple with SylvesterStallone in the movie „Rocky III“?Nulk Hogan
What singer appeared in the 1992 baseball film„A league of their Own“?Madonna
Who si the star of the movie „Casablanca“?Humphrey Bogart
What actress starred on „Charlie‘s Angels“forthe show‘s entire run?Jaclyln Smith
At what age can someone first attend an R-ratedmovie without an accompanying adult?17
Which of the Three Stooges was not related tothe others?Larry
Which of the following is not a TV cartoon duo? Simon and Garfunkel
In the 1976 remake of the classic film „KingKong“, what New York landmark does the giant ape clinb?World Trade Center
Which of these horror films spawned the mostsequels?„Friday the 13th
Who was not one of the Catwright sons on the TVseries "„Bonanza“?Ben
In what state is the 1999 movie „Magnolia“ set? California
Who is the twin sister of „Dear Abby“ columnistAbigail Van Buren?Ann Landers
What is the name of the female character playedby comedial Flip Wilson on his 1971s show?Geraldine Jones
Which of these television programs did notfeature character introduced on „Happy Days“?Perfect Strangers
In traditional English puppet shows, who ismarried to the character Punch?Judy
What is the name of Howard Stern‘s femaleon-air sidekick?Robin Quivers
What character did Woody replace on the TV show„Cheers“?Coach
How are actors Charlie Sheen and Emilio Estevezrelated?They‘re brothers
Which character on the TV show „Friends“ is achef?Monica
On TV‘s „Seinfeld“ what type of doctor did Mr.Costanza go to when he sat on „fusili Jerry“?Proctologist
In the movie „Austin Powers: The Spy WhoShagged Me“ what is the of Dr. Evil‘s diminitive clone?Mini-me
Which of these television programs did notfeatures characters introduced on „Happy Days“?Perfect Strangers
What is Delta Burke‘s character‘s job on thesitcom „Designing Women“?Interior Designer
What former „Today“ show personality player aneighbor on the TV sitcom“The Hogan Family“?Williard Scott
What popular toy is featured in the film „TheHudsucker Proxy“?Hula Hoop
In the 1992 animated film „Aladdin“, whatdevice does the hero use ti travel from?Magic carpet
What high school does the gang from the„Archie“ comic strip attend?Riverdale High
What is actor Antonio Banderas‘ nativelanguage?Spanish
What famous radio personality was also thevoice of Shaggy on the cartoon „Scooby-Doo“?Casey Kasem
What newspaper do Lois Lane and Clark Kent workfor?The Daily Planet
What fictional character claims to be „smarterthan the average bear“?Yogi Bear
What color is cartoon character Merge Simpson‘s hair?Blue
What is the name of the baby who appears incartoons and comic strips with Popeye the Sailor?Swee‘pea
Who is an archemeny of the cartoon superheroUnderdog?Overcat
What is the name of the POW camp where „Hogan‘sHeroes“ are held?Stalag 13
Which of these is not the name of one of rockmusician Frank Zappa‘s children?Lumpy Gravy
In Mister Rogers‘ theme song, what does he askyou to be?His neighbor
What US president is mentioned by the name inthe opening song of TV‘s„ All in theFamily?Herbert Hoover
Which of these rock quitaris designed acolorful lines if men‘s neckties?Jerry Garcia
What city did the Beatles originally consideredhome?Liverpool
What famous folksinger founded the Institutefor the Sturdy of Non-Violence in 1965?Joan Baez
What is a balalaika?Musical Instrument
How many key are on a standart piano?88
What was the name of Huey Lewis‘ band?The News
Stevie Winder and Michael Jackson have bothrecorder duet with which former Beatles?Paul McCartney
Who sang lead vocals for the band Big Brotherand the Holding Company?Janis Jolpin
What New Age musician released a 1998 albumtitled „King of the Pan Flute“?Zamfir
What place is named the title of the 1979 livealbum by rock legends Cheap Trick?Budokan
If a piece of music is in „common time“ howmany quarter notes are there per measure?Four
In the classic song „Také Me Out to theBallgame“, for whom do we „root root root „?The home team
In the Jimmy Buffet song „Magaritaville“ whatis the singer searching for?A shaker of salt
The first sound recording to be made andreproduced was citation of what nursery rhyme?„Mary Had a Little Lamb“
According to the children‘s nursery rhyme, whattype of ocean did Columbus sail in 1492?Blue
According to the Mother Goose nursery rhyme,which child is full of woe?Wednesday‘s Child
In the novel „Around the World in 80 days“,Phileas Fogg faithful valet is named what?Passepartout
What children‘s story book character believesthat the sky is falling?Chicken Little
In the famouse baseball poem „Casey at the Bat“Casey plays for the team from what town?Mudville
On the night os Paul Revere‘s famous ride, howmany lanterns were actually hung in the Old North Church?Two
In the novel „The adventures of Tom Sawyer“,what is the name of Tom‘s sweetheart?Becky Thatcher
The Strauss family of composer popularized whatdance?Waltz
In the famous ballet „The Nutracker“, who doesthe hero defeat?Rat King
What topic does Spin magazine primarily cover?Music
Which of these magazines does not focus onnaturalscience?Tiger Beat
What is the medical term for a doctor‘sidentification of a disease?Diagnosis
What is produced during photosynthesis?Oxygen
Which of these vitamins was the first to benamed?Vitamin A
Where did Exxon Valdez run aground in March of1989?Prince William Sound
What is the most popular month for weddings inAmerica?August
In what decade was the Hula-Hoop invented?1905s
What exercise appasratus is used during a„Spinning“ class?Stationary bicycle
In the comic strip „Peanuts“ what is Schoederknown for doing?Playing the piano
How much does Peanuts character Lucy charge forher psychiatric advice?5 cents
What were the first names of the early Americanexplorers Lewis and Clark?Meriwether and William
Where did Lewis and Clark begin their famousexpedition in 1804?St. Louis
In 1909, Frederick Cook, claimed to be thefirst explorer to reach what location?North Pole
Which of these is an Italian design firm?Fendi
Which of these fashion designes was born in theUnited States?Donna Karan
What are the Smother‘s Brother‘s first names?Tom and Dick
John D. Rockefeller made his fortune in whatindustry?Oil
Which of these sores is not owned by Gap, Inc.? J. Grew
What corporation was founded by a candle makerand a sopamaker?Procter & Gamble
Who is considered the owner of a „publiclyheld“ company?The stockholders
Which company holds an annual self-named„Bake-off“?Pillsbury
What symbol specifically indicates that atrademark is registered with the US Government?R with circle around it

Súvisiace hry: Who Wants to be a Millionaire?: 3rd Edition
Who Wants to be a Millionaire? Kids Edition
Who Wants to be a Millionaire?: Sports Edition
Who Wants to Beat Up a Millionaire?
Who Wants to be a Millionaire?
Who Wants to be a Gazillionaire?

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